Unaccompanied Child Policy

Boston Service
Children 8-11 years old may travel alone only under the following conditions: the origin agency must be open at the departure time and the destination agency must be open at arrival time. There will be no pick-ups or drop-offs at flagstops. Trips must not exceed 5 hours and must be made during daylight hours. Transfers are not permitted. Parent or legal guardian must sign an “Unaccompanied Child Form,” which releases Dartmouth Coach from any responsibility. An adult must drop-off and be waiting to meet the child upon arrival. The adult at the destination must provide a photo ID showing that they are the person identified on the “Unaccompanied Child Form” before the child is released. The child must pay the adult fare.

New York Service
Minor children under the age of 16 may not travel on the New York bus unaccompanied by an adult. Per our policy on unaccompanied minors, the trip duration is longer than five hours and there is no agency in New York for children to wait for the appropriate adult to pick them up.