Why do I have to show a photo ID to ride the bus?

Dartmouth Coach requires a photo ID for all passengers traveling with an adult ticket. We do not require identification for children under the age of 12 traveling with a parent or guardian; however, if they are traveling alone, they will need a school ID, Passport, or copy of their birth certificate. Children under the age of 17 with no photo ID must be accompanied by an adult with a photo I.D. upon purchasing a ticket.

These are security measures that we take in the event that there is an emergency and allows us to assist officials in identifying who traveled on a particular day. We do not generate passenger lists for each bus. Therefore, we require you to show your ID each time you travel. This information is not stored in our system. We print your name on the ticket to ensure that you are the person traveling. If you have questions on acceptable forms of ID or special circumstances, please contact Dartmouth Coach directly at 1-800-637-0123.