Helping You Stay Safe – Coronavirus Prevention Efforts

Relevant Information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Since January, Dartmouth Coach has followed increased procedures to disinfect our buses and remind our staff of proper flu season prevention measures. We continue to monitor the situation closely and have revised and added to those initial steps. Every precaution we have taken meets or exceeds guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. These steps include:

  • Hand sanitizer is available at all ticket counters and on every bus.
  • Every bus is spray-disinfected, every day.
  • All high touch surfaces on the bus and in our terminals are sanitized with disinfecting wipes on a no less than daily basis.
  • Tissues will be made available to customers. If you’re coughing or sneezing, please use a tissue!
  • For everyone’s safety, our drivers may wear latex gloves while taking tickets and luggage.

Our customers’ travel flexibility is (and has always been) important to us. Our customers may use any ticket on our services that operate in and out of Boston on any trip, in either direction, for up to one year from the date it was purchased. Rebooking tickets on our Boston services is unnecessary. Dartmouth Coach also offers free refunds (before expiration) if our customers don’t anticipate using a ticket.

On our reservation-based New York City services, we will waive all change fees and refunds for any passenger booked for travel before May 1, 2020. Refund or rebooking requests must be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time by calling Dartmouth Coach at 1-800-637-0213. These requests are subject to a $10 fee. Refund requests made after the scheduled departure time or within 24 hours of departure will not be granted.

We encourage our customers to consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before traveling internationally.

 CDC Coronavirus Disease Information for Travel