Additional Commencement Day Service to New York City


Due to high demand, we are offering additional service to New York City on Sunday, June 9, 2019

Additional service added to this Friday’s schedule:

  • Sunday, June 9, 2019  Southbound Service*
    LEAVE Lebanon, NH – 3:15 pm
    LEAVE Hanover, NH – 3:30 pm
    ARRIVE New York City – 8:30 pm
    *This trip will be on our luxury NYC coach at the regular price.
  • Sunday, June 9, 2019 Southbound Service**
    LEAVE Lebanon, NH – 4:15 pm
    LEAVE Hanover, NH – 4:30 pm
    ARRIVE New York City – 9:30 pm
    ** This trip will be on our regular motorcoach for $65.00. 

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For further information please contact our Information Center at 1-800-637-0123